Former owner of beloved Village Books, Chuck Robinson, will be embarking on a cross-country bike ride September 1st in the name of three non-profits that aim to strengthen community resources—

The Whatcom Community Foundation
Amplifying the force of philanthropy by connecting people, ideas, and resources through thoughtful grant distribution. The Foundation strives to improve Whatcom County’s quality of life through literacy programs, health, environmental education, service learning projects, youth and family services, community arts programs and much more.

Whatcom Community College Foundation
Helping students of all backgrounds achieve their higher education dreams by ensuring access and promoting academic innovation and excellence on campuses.

The Book Industry Charitable Foundation
Strengthening the independent bookselling community through charitable programs that support employees and their families through hard times.  For nearly 20 years, the Foundation has helped thousands of booksellers across the country overcome personal financial hardships by providing emergency financial assistance.

Chuck will be raising funds for these foundations through sponsorship of his 2000-mile ride. He encourages everyone to pick one or more of the worthy causes and donate a per-mile amount.

In his own words: “One cent per mile would only set you back $20, a nickel would be $100, and a dime would cost you $200.  I could go on, but I’m guessing your math is good enough to figure out what each per mile pledge would net these organizations.”

Read up on and follow Chuck’s journey here, where he shares some amusing anecdotes from his ride.