A busy schedule filled with the demands of work, a family, a home, or the mundane errands life calls for, can easily suck us into a routine of fulfilling obligations. A pattern unfolds from the moment we wake up and begin the day until we’re back in bed preparing to hop back on the hamster wheel the following day.

While some say structure is necessary to maintaining a productive and responsible adult life, it’s also necessary to shake up that routine and step outside the realm of ordinary. This feat could easily be achieved by swapping date night at the movies with a night of dance lessons or having a glass of wine at a ceramics or paint class with your girlfriends rather than the bar.

For a few ideas on how to add a bit of spice to your routine, check out our collection of local fun activities below:

Scottish Dancing
Join the Bellingham Scottish Country Dancers to learn about the social dancing of Scotland.
When: Every Wednesday through May 7:30 – 9:30pm
Where: 1117 12th St. at the Fairhaven Library
*No partner required.

Balkan Folk Dancers
Join the Balkan Folk Dancers to engage in traditional Southeastern European dance and music.
When: Every Thursday 7-9:30pm
Where: 1117 12th St. at Fairhaven Library
*No partner required.

A fired-art studio located in the heart of Fairhaven where you can paint your own pottery or design your own fused glass. Lack of artistic experience need not be a deterrent, as there are instructions to take you step-by-step through each process, examples to guide you, and a helpful staff readily available to assist you with technique, questions, or panic (should it arise). In addition, there are plenty of samples, idea books, and design tools to inspire you along the way.
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am – 9pm, Friday-Saturday 10am – 10pm, Sunday 11am – 6pm
Where: 1312 11th Street, Bellingham WA 98225

Uptown Art
A nationwide painting workshop and local studio that combines a space for mingling with a creative outlet for customers. Uptown Art offers a casual learning environment with step-by-step instructions and the flexibility to add a bit of flare to your own masterpiece while enjoying your beverage of choice.
Hours: Vary per month
Where: 800 Harris Ave. #101, Bellingham (Historic Fairhaven District), WA 98225

Ciao Thyme
A restaurant that also doubles as a workshop for cooking classes that feature menus revolving around the seasons and local harvests. Ciao Thyme offers classes for couples, kids, solo chefs, as well as aspiring cocktail mixologists.

Kids In The Kitchen
A hands-on class for kids ages 9-14 who like to cook and want to improve their skills. Once they finish cooking, they will sit and enjoy a meal together.

Couples Cooking
Whether you’re a couple who already enjoys cooking together or wants to start cooking at home more often, this class will teach you all the skills needed to whip out a chef-inspired culinary creation while learning to synchronize in the kitchen.

Cocktail Party Class
In this fun demonstration you will learn how to make two special drinks and appetizers that pair together.

The class includes a full dinner’s worth of food, at the end of class. Hands-on classes typically run for 3-4 hours. Schedules and menus vary per class – check out the calendar here!