The Schering Building originally hosted a restaurant and saloon. The second floor housed a doctor, the Justice of the Peace, a dance hall, and a meeting room. In 1905, the restaurant was replaced by the Jenkins-Boys Hardware Company. Years later, the bandstand was torn out for the manufacture of fiberglass boats. By the late 1960s, this floor had become a commune and is, at the present time, office space. The street level is currently home to the Renaissance Glass gallery, the Blue Moon hair salon, and The Chimney stove store, with Archer Ale House in the basement. Early in January of 1903, local Clairvoyant Madam Hubert predicted a major fire would occur in Fairhaven within a month of her insight. Before the month was over, Charles Schering’s one story wooden business block stood a burned-out hulk. He immediately began making plans for a more elaborate two story building. The iron column which supports the southeastern corner of the building weighs 1,000 pounds and was cast at the Bay City Iron Works on McKenzie Avenue.