Fairhaven’s first and only dog-friendly bar is a haven for dog owners and their fur companions to get out of the house and mingle side by side, while owners enjoy a beer or wine and their dogs enjoy sniffing and frolicking with their peers. Paws for a Beer is co-owned by husband and wife Amy and Rylan Schoen, who came across the idea when they sought to go out and enjoy a drink while not wanting to leave their pooch locked up in the house.

This bar is dog-friendly in every sense of the word, limiting glass use to prevent breakage at the expense of nearby paws and requiring a voucher from the owners of their dog’s vaccinations and affability among its kind. All couches are up for dibs by owner and dog alike and the yard provides a wild-and-free ambience with leash being optional. The off-leash attitude promotes the bar’s laid-back environment and reinforces the mentality that this is a place for dogs to unwind, as well as their owners.

Owners may enjoy beers from local breweries or wine, as well as varying food trucks on-site. Packs of beer to-go are also available for purchase.

Amy and Rylan set out with a mission to improve Fairhaven’s dog-based community by creating a space dogs can co-exist in their owners’ social scene. Come enjoy a delicious, local drink where the crowd is always glad you came!