Looking for ways to help your community do its part in environmental sustainability? Transition Whatcom is a local online community that aims to empower residents with education and provide ways to get involved in local initiatives.

Transition Whatcom’s mission is spelled out in 4 ways—

  1. To explore and then follow pathways of practical actions that will reduce our carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.
  2. To rebuild our community’s resilience, that is, its ability to withstand shocks from the outside, through being more self-reliant in areas such as food, energy, health care, jobs and economics.
  3. To inspire and support the communities and neighborhoods of Whatcom County as they establish Transition Initiatives at these local levels; and
  4. To coordinate a county-wide, citizen led Energy Descent Action Pathway by creating a collective 20 year vision of Whatcom County. From there we will devise the paths on which we may achieve our objectives.

The website encourages membership and ongoing discussions through its forum and provides educational resources, such as the future of oil, climate change, the state of the economy, advocacy groups, as well as links to further sources.

While fostering education and neighborhood dialogue is important, Transition Whatcom aims to implement progress and new ideas through action as well. Events every month are featured with ways to get involved or events that simply celebrate sustainable living, such as locally sourced food festivals and an herbal immersion program.

Check out Transition Whatcom today and get started on your green initiatives!