Constructed shortly before the Depression of 1893, the Pythias Building served as a meeting hall for several of the Secret Societies of Fairhaven such as the United Workmen, Elks, American Yeomen, Rathbone Sisters, and the Woodsmen of of America. In 1893, Mcintosh Hardware relocated in the building. In 1898, the upper floors were occupied by the Immanuel School of Industries teaching young children the basics of industry. Norman’s Clothing Store and the Kulshan Variety Store joined the commercial endeavors. A speakeasy did business here during Prohibition. Village Books spent 20 years in the site before moving two doors north into their new building. Current tenants include the Colophon Cafe and Drizzle Olive Oil & Tasting Room. In the early 1990s, the cafe owner heard footsteps on the wood stairs on the 11th Street level at 4 am. He crept up the stairs but no one was in sight. The recurring noises disappeared later as the bakery began all night shifts with rock music.