Every day, tourists stroll the pleasant streets of Fairhaven, enjoying its idyllic charm that has endured and even been enhanced by the 136 years following its founding. Meanwhile, if Fairhaven’s worn brick walls could talk, they’d have a naughty story to tell.

The Good Time Girls aim to bring this story to light in their intriguing and entertaining Gin & Sin tour, in which they offer a walking tour through Fairhaven and delve into this supposedly quaint town’s not-so-innocent past of brothels, prohibition-era saloons, and a Chinese ghetto rampant with opium dens. In dry times, Fairhaven offered a devil’s playground complete with a red-light district.  

Clever and donning Victorian corsets, the Good Time Girls offer what is sure to be a good time as they take tourists back in time to when bathtub gin was the bee’s knees and tour the once popular joints for Fairhaven’s wiliest residents. The tour includes historical and witty narratives of Devil’s Row, Dead Man’s Corner and the Chinese ghetto – where prostitutes, opium, and crimes of passion were signs of the time.

What would a Gin & Sin tour be without a tasting at the local distillery? Handcrafted spirits made from the finest ingredients sourced within the Pacific Northwest will be had at Chuckanut Bay Distillery and include such delicious varieties as Potato Gin and Hops Schnapps.

Come explore Fairhaven’s colorful history on the Gin & Sin tour Fridays & Saturdays at 4pm, April 1-September 2. Tickets on sale now!