Fairhaven has long been a thriving center for the arts with regular events catered to bringing together artists and art-lovers and many shops featuring work by local artists. If you’ve been looking for a creative outlet, Fairhaven also offers studios to get your hands dirty with a bit of paint or clay.

CreativiTea is a fired-art studio located in the heart of Fairhaven where you can paint your own pottery or design your own fused glass. Lack of artistic experience need not be a deterrent, as there are instructions to take you step-by-step through each process, examples to guide you, and a helpful staff readily available to assist you with technique, questions, or panic (should it arise). In addition, there are plenty of samples, idea books, and design tools to inspire you along the way.

In 3 simple steps, your work is yours to enjoy:
1. Select your project
2. Choose your colors and create your design
3. The studio will add the finishing touches and your work of art will be ready to pick up in 3-7 days.

Those wary of commitment may rejoice – walk-ins are welcomed without the studio or hourly fees. CreativiTea is also a great way to host a celebration without the clean-up, whether it’s a birthday, friends’ night out, or bachelorette party.

Uptown Art is another local studio and nationwide painting workshop that combines a space for mingling with a creative outlet for customers. Uptown Art offers a casual learning environment with step-by-step instructions and the flexibility to add a bit of flare to your own masterpiece while enjoying your beverage of choice.

The collection of artwork available for tutorials is created by local artists as well as Uptown Art’s licensed professional artists.

With a few visits to CreativiTea and Uptown Art under your belt and a newfound affinity for creating art, you might even find your work in Fairhaven’s Whatcom Art Market some day – a co-op gallery featuring work by dozens of local artists, including paintings, art prints, photography, woodworking, art glass, etched glass and metal, textiles, sculpture, jewelry, greeting cards, and more.

Need some inspiration? Start with Fairhaven’s Fourth Friday Art Walk every fourth Friday of each month to celebrate local artistry and the unique character of Fairhaven with appetizers, drinks and live entertainment.