Chuckanut Center

We Grow Food, Skills and a Resilient Community
Our founding board members had the vision and energy to take on the restoration and re-purposing of an historical asset of the City of Bellingham. We began our work in 2009, shortly after receiving approval of our proposal by Bellingham City Council. We are located at the northern end of Chuckanut Drive and steward 1.8 acres of land in Fairhaven Park in Bellingham, Washington. Chuckanut Center is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in Bellingham, WA. The historic Caretakers House was built in 1914 and recently celebrated it's centennial anniversary. Our restoration efforts will be completed in early 2017, with classes and programs beginning in March. Our park facilities are open during daylight hours. With the gardens at Chuckanut Center we: Demonstrate the significant plants and varieties that can be grown for food, medicinal and other uses, and the appropriate maintenance and care techniques for these plants. Utilize the garden as a learning, teaching and testing facility as we demonstrate gardening techniques. Share our love of gardening with our community. Provide a sanctuary for visitors to relax and enjoy a garden environment. We now have approximately 7500 square feet available for use by accepted proposal.