The Historic Festivals of Fairhaven

Dirty Dan Day Seafood Festival Fairhaven Festival

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dirty Dan Day Event Info

Dirty Dan Day Vendor Info

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fairhaven Festival Event Info

Fairhaven Festival Vendor Info

The Fairhaven district is host to several other Major Events throughout the year (such as the Pacific Northwest Rain Festival, the Solstice Art Walk, summertime Outdoor Cinema Saturdays, Girls Night Out, Halloween Trick-or-Treating, the Holiday Festival events and Art Walk, and more). And area businesses/venues offer a variety of presentations, activities, shows, and other happenings nearly every day; these events are also listed on this site

The Festival Committee

The Historic Fairhaven Association puts on two events each year through its Festival Committee.  Dirty Dan Day at the end of April, and The Fairhaven Festival on Memorial Day where the Ski to Sea Race ends in Fairhaven.

If you are a vendor for food, crafts or street fairs, then you may fit into one or more of these events.  Check the Vendor Info pages to learn more.  

The HFA Festival Committee has been chaired and led for over a dozen years by Anna Williams.  She has built the Ski to Sea Festival into one of the premier NW events with over 30,000 people attending.   Two years ago, the committee took on Dirty Dan Day and is continuing the fine work of the early managers.

Here is committee information.  Feel free to contact them for more information.

Email sent to will reach the committee. 

Chair - Anna Williams,

Co-Chair - Jordan Tarrida,

Also on the committee are Ellen Gray, Hilary Friedrich and Andrew Schubert.