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Featured Listing - $350/year for any Bellingham south side business, including Chuckanut Drive and Fairhaven Parkway.

Member Listing - Free with Historic Fairhaven Association membership.  $50 value.

Basic Listing - Free for any Bellingham south side business.

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Full Featured Business Listing: $350
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$350 a year prepaid

To start your Featured Business page, email info for items 1 thru 8.  Then make an online payment above, or mail your check to:, POB 4234, Bellingham, WA 98227  You will receive an email receipt plus login information. 

1. Business name
2. Tag line for your business - ie., shoes for women
3. Address
4. Location - in two to four words - i.e.: Across from Village Books
5. Phone number, and optionally, your fax number and after hours cell number.
6. Website address
7. Email address for business
8. Email address for owner or manager (not listed for public)

Email to:

We will send you login info so you can add and edit the following anytime at no additional charge.

9. Business hours - and special info, such as "Also by Appointment"
10. Text description of your business, products or services
11. Logo & up to 12 photos of your shop, products, staff and signage
12. Link to your Facebook page
13. Special & Sale ads on your listing with Special banner on listing graphic

We will add the following:

14. Listing in one or more business categories and sub-categories for quick lookup
15. A Google map location link
16. Listing of your free business promotion events - including photos or graphics - on the Fairhaven Events
17. Occasional listing during the year as Featured Business on home page

For a few exampes of what you can do with your Featured Business page.

Shop:  A Lot of Flowers 

Dine:  Avenue Bread Cafe 

Play:  San Juan Cruises

Stay:  McKenzie Square

Have a smartphone?  Check how these display on it.  A great advertising value.

Member Listing

Free to Historic Fairhaven Association members  ($50 a year for non-members.)

1. Business name
2. Tag line  (max 35 characters, including spaces)
3. Address
4. Phone number - hot linked on smartphones
5. Owner email address - for receiving Association twice weekly email Updates
6. Business category: Dine, Shop, Play or Stay
7. Text listing of your free business promotion events on Events

If you are an Association member then we automatically post up your Member Listing for you. Please check that we have it right.  To provide information, email to:

To join the Association:
Go to the Membership info on the Historic Fairhaven Association Page.

Basic Listing

Free to any south side business

Any business in Fairhaven, the Bellingnah south side, on Chuckanut Drive, or on Fairhaven Parkway can email their information to us and we will list it. 

1. Business name
2. Address
3. Phone number
4. Owner email address - for receiving Association twice weekly email Updates
5. Business category - choose one: Dine, Shop, Play or Stay.

Email this information to:  


It receives over 5,000 visitors and 25,000 page views every month.  People living anywhere - including your potential customers in Bellingham, Seattle and Canada - visit the Fairhaven web site when planning to visit here.

Smartphones get a special, easy to read, display of all businesses and events. If you have a smartphone, check this out. This alone justifies the modest yearly fee.

It is well advertised in newspapers and magazines and referenced in newspaper articles, including the Bellingham Herald, Entertainment News NW, Whatcom Independent and Take Five. Fairhaven TV commercials show the web address.

It is easy to find. It is the generic name - the name that draws visitors. Google the word "Fairhaven" and this site is usually #1 - and people tend to click on the top listed sites.

No need to plan in your marketing budget. For the cost of a single modest newspaper ad that lasts a day or two, you can have a full featured online web listing that is fresh every day of the year.  

Email your listing information to
Pay online above, or mail your check to:, POB 4234, Bellingham, WA 98227
Phone: (360) 920 - 8223

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