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It's about promoting fun and business in and near Fairhaven

Fairhaven, originally a separate town, is the historic south side area of Bellingham, Washington, located 80 miles north of Seattle and 55 miles south of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The charming historic business district, surrounded by several residential neighborhoods, is well known in the Pacific Northwest for its ambience and relaxed atmosphere, local business ownership, regional arts and crafts, and really good eateries amidst buildings over a century old. Fairhaven.com makes it easy for visitors and resident to learn what's here and then visit and enjoy.


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About Fairhaven.com

Our goal is that this site offers viewers a guide to all that is Fairhaven, providing the information you are seeking so you can enjoy the real Fairhaven. Feel free to contact us via email if you would like a business listing, have some Fairhaven news, have an event taking place in the area, want to make a suggestion, or just have a question. 

Email: info@fairhaven.com

About Fairhaven.com: John Servais, who first came to Fairhaven in 1967, launched Fairhaven.com as a personal passion for the community. While the website went live in 1996, it really began growing into a comprehensive site in April 2002, with convenient business listings, an events calendar, regular photo updates, and traveler's information. Three key supporters made the expansion possible: Village Books owners Chuck and Dee Robinson, Jacaranda Development Corporation's Ken Imus, and the Historic Fairhaven Association. In the Summer of 2002, this site became the official website of the Fairhaven Association.The site continues to be sustained by support from these and an ever growing community of businesses.

In January 2015, Bellingham businessman Ben Kinney purchased this local community-based website devoted to providing information about the historic district of Fairhaven.  

The site's founder, John Servais, said, “I transferred ownership of Fairhaven.com to Ben for a variety of reasons. I wanted someone that had a deep understanding and appreciation of this historic district. I also wanted someone motivated to continue serving the needs of the Fairhaven community by taking this website to the next level.”

Chuck Robinson, President and CEO of Village Books and Paper Dreams in Fairhaven, says, “I was really excited when I heard that Ben was acquiring Fairhaven.com from John, as I’ve known for some time that John was looking to retire. Since the site was launched it has been a central hub for information about all things Fairhaven—dining, shopping, events, and a place for potential new residents to research the area. I’m so pleased that the legacy John has created will live on, and that Ben will bring his seemingly boundless energy and ideas to Fairhaven.com.”

Ben Kinney, with the help of website development and management company Big Fresh, will actively maintain the website. Some improvements are planned, including social integration and enhancements to the business listings valued by customers and visitors.

About Ben Kinney: Ben Kinney owns and operates one of the top 25 producing real estate teams in the nation. He also owns and operates multiple local businesses such as Keller Williams Western Realty, NVNTD, Big Fresh, Brivity, and Blossor. Ben is ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 100 real estate agents and was recently named “2014 Innovator of the Year” by Inman News.

My thanks to the following

Founder John Servais would like to thank...

John Meloy for his redesigns of the site in 2006 and 2012.

Alaine Borgias for currently searching for and posting all the events on this website.

Barbara Crowley for peviously posting events and editing and distributing the Green Sheet for almost 3 years.

Taimi Gorman for vacation relief and posting photos in the years up to 2008.

Craig Merriman for help with the banners and graphic elements in 2004.

Shirley Strand of Emerald Arts Design for graphics help starting this website in the spring of 2002.

... and to the many other persons who encouraged and advised me over the13 years.

You can contact John Servais at john@nwhouse.com

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